Gravely Ambassador

Andrew Wilson

Photo of ambassador Andrew Wilson

“My first mower was a used 48-inch, Gravely. That mower alone completely changed the dynamics of my business – the way I was able to be more profitable on a stander.” – Andy Wilson

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Profession: Cut and Clean Lawn Care
  • Years in Industry: 7
  • Years as Ambassador: 2018 - 2022

Andy Wilson has always had passion for entertainment and broadcasting. As he says, if he has an opportunity to show something, he’s going to – which is why he documented all five years of his landscaping business on his social media channels. Having used Gravely to start and operate his business, Wilson says he’s most excited to use the opportunity as a Gravely Ambassador to give back to the brand that allowed him to leave the low ceiling of his previous career. His advice to those starting their own business is to first establish a support system that allows them to put time and energy into something new.