Gravely Ambassador

David Ovando

Photo of ambassador David Ovando

“I choose Gravely because the brand has been around for many years, and that shows you craftsmanship.” – David Ovando

  • Location: McKinney, Texas
  • Profession: Mower Man Lawn Service
  • Years in Industry: 10
  • Years as Ambassador: 2018 - 2022

David Ovando started his lawn maintenance business in 2010 when employment opportunities in his area were scarce. His business started with an old Gravely push mower has since expanded to a small fleet of Gravely zero-turn and stand-on mowers and a massive social media following. David never intended to share his work online, but after photographing so much of his work to show his son what he did all day, he repurposed those photos on his social media platforms to share product reviews and showcase his support for the craftsmanship of Gravely equipment.