Gravely Ambassador

Jared Crouse

Photo of ambassador Jared Crouse

“I’ve been able to do all the maintenance myself because of Gravely’s simplicity. They’re built like a tank but it’s simple enough that an average guy can do all the maintenance.” – Jared Crouse

  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Profession: Lawnscape, LLC
  • Years in Industry: 5
  • Years as Ambassador: 2019 - 2022

Jared Crouse’s ambition to start his own business stems from his desire to work outside and operate equipment. Since then, he says he’s enjoyed the freedom of business ownership and the return on every effort he puts into the business. His journey with social media started as a way to learn about the industry, and now that he has, he uses it as a way to give back by producing his own content to share with those just starting. This season, Crouse is demoing the new Gravely Pro-Stance 32, which he hopes will eliminate the need to push mow the smaller properties he cuts.