Gravely Ambassador

Kelsey Houston

Photo of ambassador Kelsey Houston

“Gravely mowers allow me to work all day, every day. And they leave a phenomenal stripe that makes for good pictures.” – Kelsey Houston

  • Location: Sedalia, Missouri
  • Profession: Kelso’s Clippins Lawn Care
  • Years in Industry: 7
  • Years as Ambassador: 2018 - 2022

Take one look at Kelsey Houston’s Instagram profile and it won’t take long to understand he’s most proud of his stripes. Since launching his business in 2013, Houston has been a Gravely loyalist for the power, comfort, durability, and of course, the natural striping ability of his Gravely mowers. Having originally wanted to become a nurse, Houston has always enjoyed helping people, which is part of the reason he started sharing his work through social media. Houston says   by educating other landscapers on products and processes, he can help them become more efficient in an industry where time is so valuable.