Gravely Ambassador

Marcus McCall

Photo of ambassador Marcus McCall

“I’ve been supporting the Gravely brand for years, and it felt like this was the right opportunity to build a closer relationship with the people who build the products that I use every day.” - Marcus McCall

  • Location: Rockledge, Florida
  • Profession: McCall’s Lawn Care
  • Years in Industry: 11
  • Years as Ambassador: 2018 - 2022

Marcus McCall’s favorite part of being a landscaper in east central Florida is that it’s a profitable and stable career. Since 2009, he’s been in the lawn care business with his father and his brother and uses Instagram to promote his work. McCall uses social media like an online portfolio for clients, using before and after photos to show what value they can offer their clients. His favorite part, besides using Gravely mowers, is the appreciation he receives from customers for his work. As McCall’s grows their business, Marcus says it’s important to be organized, have a vision, stick to the plan and be consistent.