Gravely Ambassador

Wally Wood

Photo of ambassador Wally Wood

“Even though it’s my third year, I’ve already learned some new things that Gravely is incorporating. Being able to be part of the process and sharing the feedback on the mowers is the biggest benefit of being a Gravely Ambassador.” – Wally Wood

  • Location: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Profession: Beach River Landscapes
  • Years in Industry: 5
  • Years as Ambassador: 2018 - 2022

Wally Wood and wife Leah credit their five years of business success to standing by their word. Now in his third year as a Gravely Ambassador, Wood says his favorite part about using online influence is the opportunity to share equipment feedback directly with Gravely – helping influence product development. With design suggestions from commercial landscapers like Wood, Gravely builds more durable and efficient products, two characteristics that Wood requires of the equipment in his fleet.