Vehicle / Atlas JSV™ 3000
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Atlas JSV® 3000

​With class-leading towing capacity and heavy-duty suspension, the Atlas JSV®​ is dedicated to getting the job done with a level of power and performance to make any crew proud. Haul, tow, work, dump—this ultimate job site vehicle seats three, or six, comfortably.

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Class Leading Capacity

With a class-leading bed capacity of 1250 lbs and 1900-lb total payload, the Atlas JSV holds its own

All-Steel Job Box

The Atlas JSV's fabricated all-steel cargo bed won't buckle or bend. Dump cargo with the touch of a button and haul a fully loaded pallet thanks for a generous 18 cubic feet of cargo space

de Dion Suspension

Our heavy-duty de Dion suspension minimizes sag, to maintain full ground clearance even with cargo, tongue weight and towing maxed out
ModelEngine ManufacturerEngine RatingFuel SystemLengthPeak Alternator OutputSeat BeltsSeatingTotal Rated PayloadWeightWheel Base
996200Polaris®40 HP/570 CCEFI128" (325 cm)45A3 3-point31900 lb1575 lb84" (213 cm)
996202Kohler®24HP/1028CCIndirect Injection128" (325 cm)110A3 3-point31900 lbs1675 lb84" (213 cm)

Great machine


Great machine! I use it on the farm, going to town, and on weekend getaways. Safe for me, my wife, and the kids to jump in and drive. there has been many times that i have depended on this machine to get a job done quick around the farm, never failed me once. My dealer has always had parts in stock and given me quick service to keep me moving. only down side is i don't have two of them, being that i cant keep my family off it.



I would never purchase on of these!


Multiple trips to the repair shop and still unreliable out of 4 machines 1 kind of works

Binghamton NY


Pros outweigh the cons


I take care of my equipment and try not to abuse things. That said, I've throw a LOT at my Atlas, from hauling firewood and overflowing loads of heavy clay soil to running Kolpin's 3-point attachments (which I wouldn't recommend for this machine, by the way). It's been a champ, not slowing down for anything. I have no qualms about taking it into the worst parts of our woods and making it back out again. The cons really revolve around the lack of aftermarket support and unavailability of parts. I have a dealer five miles from me and even they have a difficult time referencing part numbers. Not to mention that some of the parts I've inquired about have been outrageously pricy. Still, this thing is a workhorse and luckily I haven't had anything mechanical break. So in my opinion it was the right choice and worth the money.

Detroit, MI


They don't run long enough to evaluate.


They are not capable of staying running.

Binghamton NY


I would buy this work horse again.


This machine works great for moving around split wood, rocks, or for plowing large areas. It does not lose ground clearance when fully loaded. This machine can really take a beating.

Worcester, MA


Gravely Atlas JSV 3000

3.6 13


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