Trailer Hitch Kit - Commercial

Part Number: 79215800

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Turn your Gravely Zero-Turn into a multitasking machine by adding a trailer hitch kit. Tackle any landscaping task your yard has to offer, as adding an OEM trailer hitch maximizes the accomplishments of a Gravely workday. This kit fits select Gravely PRO-TURN, PRO-TURN-100, PRO-TURN-200, PRO-TURN-400, PRO-TURN-600, and MACH 1 models. This kit includes one front plate, one back plate, and the necessary hardware.

• This kit fits Gravely Pro-Turn 100, Pro-Turn 200, Pro-Turn 300, Pro-Turn 500, Pro-Turn 600 and Pro-Turn Mach One models

Price:  $65.95
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