EV Lineup Return on Investment

Use the calculator below to compare operating costs between our EV and gasoline-powered mowers.

Gravely Pro-Turn and Pro-Stance EV Price
? Product Price.
$23,400 $40,000
Accessory Costs
? Cost of accessories.
$50 $20,000
Gasoline-Powered Mower Price
$100 $35,000
Fuel Price/Gallon
$1 $10
$0 $2
Routine Maintenance Cost/hr - Gas-Powered Mower
$0 $5
Hours Mowed/yr
10 2,000
Premium Product Potential Increased Revenue/hr
$0 $5
ROI Results
Initial Price Difference
Electric Mower Savings per Hour
Electric Mower Operating Savings per Year
Hours of Operation to Break Even
Months to Break Even

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