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Power Brush

Engineered to perform well year-round, our multi-functional power brushes give you the versatility you need to clean snow, slush, salt, sand, gravel, grime and general gunk right down to the pavement. Choose from a 28-inch or 36- inch model, and do the job proud in any weather.

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Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment

Step your game up or down to accomodate varying surfaces and minimize brush wear
Brush Angle

Brush Angle

With 40-degree brush head rotation and operator controlled pivot lock, dirt and debris have no place to hide
Traction Conrol

Traction Control

Automatic traction control provides enhanced maneuverability and effortless steering
All-Season Engine

All-Season Engine

The Subaru® engine puts the power in our Power Brush, delivering optimized perfomance in any weather
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