Walk-Behind / Pro-QXT™ Tractor
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​​​​Unmatched versatility combined with superior maneuverability give this two-wheeled workhorse a level of commercial capability that’s beyond compare. Employ both our Power Brush and Scraper Blade attachments with our quick-attach system to get the job done right, season after season.

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48 in. Blade

Push snow, dirt and debris out of the way quickly and easily. Ideal for large quantities of snow, dirt and debris.

44 in. Brush

Remove debris down to the surface quickly and easily. From sand, dirt, leaves and gravel to slush and snow, this attachment can be used for all seasons. 

32 in. Snow Blower

With a 32-inch clearing width, a 21-inch housing height and a throwing distance of up to 60 feet, the Snow Blower attachment for the Pro-QXT lets you clear snow quickly and easily.

32 in. Brush Mower

The 32-inch brush mower attachment for the Pro-QXT is able to take down saplings as large as 1.5 inches in diameter and built to power through thick brush.

48 in. or 36 in. Finish Mower

The 48 or 36-inch finishing mower attachment is a seven-gauge deck with a 1.5- to 4-inch height of cut range and comes equipped with Gravely's constant belt tensioning (CBT) system.

Hydrostatic Drive

Intuitive power steering provides effortless operation in all applications, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Quick-Attach System

The Pro-QXT Tractor provides quick, single-person attachment changes with minimal effort, allowing the operator to easily transition between attachments.

Rapid Control System

Variable speed control allows operators to quickly change direction. The combination of the Rapid Control System and intuitive power steering results in smooth and easy operation.

Gravely Quality in a well designed two wheel tractor


Excellent 48 inch finish mower. Absolute control minimizes trimwork. Design flexibility makes this a most versatile machine. All season use maximizes utility and investment.

Delaware Valley


Gravely Pro-QXT Tractor

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