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Zero-Turn / Gravely ZT-X®
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The ZT-X combines zero-turn efficiency with legendary Gravely performance. Fully welded tubular frames, intuitive deck systems and all-day comfort bring commercial grade precision to any yard.​

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Fully Welded Tubular Frame

Fully Welded Tubular Frame

This fully welded tubular frame is a professional-grade backbone tough enough to get the job done in your backyard.

Dual Arm Deck Lift

The dual arm deck lift features a 4-point hanging system for deck stability and even cutting performance.
Seating Comfort

Seating Comfort

The plush, high-back seat with armrests ensures upgraded comfort for longer mowing sessions.
ModelDeck SizeEngine ManufacturerEngine RatingDrive SystemFuel CapactiyGround SpeedAcres/HRCARB Compliant Model
91523052"Kawasaki FR V-Twin23 HP/726 CCHydro-Gear® EZT Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.7915236
91517452"KOHLER® 7000 Series V-Twin HD w/Smart Choke™25 HP/725 CCHydro-Gear® EZT Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.7-
91517242"KOHLER® 7000 Series V-Twin HD w/Smart Choke™24 HP/725 CCHydro-Gear® EZT Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.0917176



Please redesign the ability to change the oil and filter. I had dealer place a hose and quick drain valve and this was worst than the drain plug. What a mess!! I could not get to the filter. Remember to use synthetic oil with high zinc content 15-50W in south. The belts slipped off on first use was not properly tightened/tension I love the mower except the oil change problem. Do I need to change tranaxel Fluid??

Pensacola FL.


Love the Zero-Turn


I am concern about the Tension Spring for the belt breaking. I read some post about this with the lawn mowers, hopefully this has been fixed and I will have no issues. The machine does a great job in cutting. The battery is awful small, post on the internet say that it will only last one season that many people just go out and get a more heavy duty battery.

Rock Hill, SC


wonderful mower, but the oil change process sucks!


Cuts grass perfectly, and I love to use it. Just did my first break in oil change, and that process is ridiculous! Whoever designed the engine oil change process, should be out of a job, and shot on sight! I'm coming off of a 14 year old Simplicity Broadmoor, and the oil change process on that was a piece of cake. For those of us that like to maintain our machines, the screwball oil change process on this machine will make it difficult to maintain!!! The machine is built like a tank, and I hope it lasts for years to come.



Quality mower for the money


I shopped around a lot and compared several units side by side. The Gravely won!! I have a 2 acre lot, this mower works great and significantly reduced my mowing time from about 2 1/2 hours to a little over an hour. It is very comfortable compared to my previous lawn tractor. If I was to buy another, I would go for the Kawasaki engine. I was a skeptic of the Kohler Smart Choke system when shopping, and my skepticism proved correct because I ended up having a sticking / faulty choke after about 13 hours on the engine and had to return it to my local dealer. BMC in Westlake, Louisiana was great and all repairs covered under warranty. I just hope I don't have more issues later on. Another complaint is, when mowing, at times, if I pull back on the right lever, the rear right wheel spins and I have to lean back or pull back on both levers to get it to move. This is on flat ground, no obstructions. The rear tires are too small in my opinion for this mower. The foot lever is a good feature, most other brands only offer armrests and foot lever in bigger models (which translates to more $$$).

Lake Charles, LA


Great mower except for maintenance issues


I love this mower. Cuts great. Reliable. However I'll never buy another Gravely if the oil drain continues to be in the same position. It's a messy hassle that was only done to persuade people to take it to a dealer for maintenance. If you want to save yourself money on service and not be frustrated by having an inaccessible, ignorant design buy a different brand.

Bowling Green,Ky


Gravely ZT X 52 Zero Turn Mower

3.8 32


I am very happy with my ZT X 42


Although small compared to many other models, it is perfect to maneuver in tighter areas and to fit in a garage.

Saltsburg, PA


Great Mower


This is a great mower. It cuts great. It is durable. It is easy to control on hills. I have about 200hrs on mine. My only two complaints, grass gets stuck in the deck easy(I'm sure other brands do to), and the foot mat is always popping off. I finally lost it on the interstate while hauling it. If Gravley would send me another that would be great.



Gravely ZTx42 is awesome


Just picked up my ZTx42. It is much quieter than my previous garden tractor, more maneuverable, and faster at getting the yard done. I bought optional mulch kit and purposely let my grass grow out for its maiden voyage. The old mower left piles of clippings and the ZTx42 did not. Awesome mower, good amount of power to mow taller grass, great mulching capability.

Carmel, IN


Outstanding Mower!


For a residential user, this mower will last you years with yearly engine maintenance. For a Professional user, this is a great mower. We had had this mower for 19 months with only 3 issues. A spindle, ignition switch and front wheel/spindle bearing. We cut about 100 lawns a week with it and have 350 hours on it. The only disadvantage to this mower for our type of use is the non-serviceable transaxles. As a commercial user, you have no warranty when you take delivery. So the fact that every year, during the off season, you drop the transaxles and drain and refill the hydrostatic fluid yourself, is not an issue. For the price of this mower, and the finish of the cuts, it is a solid purchase.

Tavares, Florida


I would never buy an Arien product ever.


I bought this mower on 8/10/17 I had to return it on 8/13/17 after only cutting my lawn 3 times and my lawn is only 1/2 an acre. Supposedly it shredded some bearing in the mower and overheated and shut down and would not even start. Dealer told me it was a faulty part from factory. It totally shredded some metal and spit out metal shavings. I wanted mower replaced or my money back but neither happened. Now they gave me a brand new mower with replacement parts. The only way you can communicate with corporate is email them and I got no response. Very disappointed and would never buy or recommend an Arien product again.

Lake Charles, LA


Gravely ZT X 42 Zero Turn Mower

3.8 14


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