Zero-Turn / Gravely ZT-XL®
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Cut any acreage down to size with the professional grade quality of the ZT-XL. With finely tuned cutting precision and power, you'll do more with the ZT-XL.​

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Fully Welded Tubular Frame

Fully Welded Tubular Frame

This fully welded tubular frame is a professional-grade backbone tough enough to get the job done in your backyard.

11-Gauge Fabricated Deck

Our 4.5-inch deep fabricated deck features an optimized airflow design to produce best in class cut quality and discharge performance.
Seating Comfort

Seating Comfort

This plush, high-back seat with cut and sewn armrests ensures upgraded comfort for longer mowing sessions.
ModelDeck SizeEngine ManufacturerEngine RatingDrive SystemFuel CapactiyGround SpeedAcres/HRCARB Compliant Model
91521660"KOHLER® 7000 Series V-Twin HD w/Smart Choke™26 HP/747 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)4.2-
91521860"Kawasaki FR V-Twin24 HP/726 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)4.2915242
91520052"KOHLER® 7000 Series V-Twin HD w/Smart Choke™25 HP/725 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.7-
91520452"Kawasaki® FR V-Twin23 HP/726 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.7915240
91520242"KOHLER® 7000 Series V-Twin HD w/Smart Choke™24 HP/725 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.0-
91520642"Kawasaki FR V-Twin21.5 HP/726 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-2800 Transaxles2.8 gal (10.59 L)7/3 mph (11.3/4.8 km/h)3.0915238

Would recommend


I mow 2.5 acres per week. Takes 1hr 10 minutes cuts evenly, and powers through tall grass. Discharge is excellent. Kawasaki engine is my preference. Previously had yazoo-Kees max-2 for past 12 years, the gravely is obviously not as heavy bilt, but also less than half the price! Best value under 4500.

Brookline MO


An excellent lawn mower!


My brother owns a landscaping company and recommended the Gravely mower to me. I live in Texas and cut about 2 acres of lawn and field per week in the summer. This has been an excellent mower with one exception: The cooling fins were to long causing the belt to slip. I called my dealer about this and he came right out and trimmed the fins. The mower has worked perfectly since then. I would recommend it to anyone!

Celina, TX


Great mower 80 hours, 52" cut


2016 XL 52" cut with 80 hours and a 23hp Kawasaki engine. So far this mower has been perfect. After 80 hours it functions the same as the day I purchased it. I haven't had any service performed other than regular maintenance.





within 5 hours of use there has been a constant leak of either transmission fluid or oil coming from the left side of the mower. The transmission looks good, all bolts are tight. The leak looks to be at the base of the Kawasaki engine. I have tightened the drain plug and still a constant leak. I can really trouble shoot because the transmission fluid is motor oil as well. I took the fluid to the local dealer after 9 hours of use, and the dealer said I would have to pay $100 to have them look at it? Figured excessive leaking on a new mower would be covered under the 5 year warranty.... Probably would not buy another.

Acworth, GA


Very disappointed!


I have a 2 acre residential lot with many trees. Purchased the ZTXL in April of 2017. The more handles and cuts very well. All the problems have been with the bagger. The bagger cover has a rubber seal along the back edge. This seal started coming off right away. I tried all kinds of different adhesives with no luck. After a month, the metal rod frame that creates the top of the bagger came apart and is bent. Now after 3 hours of us, the rear chassis frame is cracked almost all the way through. The cause is obviously the bagger weight be to much for the frame to handle. Crack is right at on of the notches cutout to make the 45 degree bend in the frame. Love the mower, hate the bagger!

Sun Prairie, WI


Gravely ZT XL 60 Zero Turn Mower

3.3 10


Expectations were exceeded!!!!!


Cuts 1.5 acres like a dream. Power to spare. What a machine!

Delaware, OH


So far so good.


We have 5 acres to maintain, the Gravely is easy to use and does a great job.

Midge Point Qld. Australia




never thought I'd say this but I enjoy mowing now. As long as I can beat my wife to it.

Conover, NC


Very satisfying zero turn mower


I researched for six months on what type of mower I wanted. I had a John Deere 320 that was becoming a money pit, so it was time to buy something different. I visited the Gravely dealer in Sandusky Michigan five times to make up my mind. Finally when they had their Mowerfest, I was hooked on the ZTXL52. I purchased it and it is the best machine that I have ever had for mowing. I mow five acres with it and my mow time was cut down drastically leaving me more time to spend elsewhere. Thanks Gravely and Ball Equipment. Hooked for life.

Marlette Michigan


Poor Value for $! Slips/slides easily on minor slopeses


Returned a cub RZT L 46 Fab w/ 22 hp honda that I got for a smokin deal of $2200 OTD thinking I was upgrading...Dare I say that the cub with the weaker EZT cut almost as good and was faster! Had smaller wheels/tires, but was easier to steer and they perform equally on hills and uneven ground. ROUGH ride. Not worth the extra $2000! Wishing I woulda got a Husqvarna MZ 52 or 61 selling for $4295. Shoulda done more test driving!...Now I'm stuck with a disappointing slow won't allow a return since it's been used.

Flaherty, KY


Gravely ZT XL 52 Zero Turn Mower

4.4 5


it's a no brainer. the product is the best i have ever seing


residencial use. heavy gage deck, great warranty. built to last.



Luv my XTL 42 inch


I look forward to mowing. Have replaced the molded rubber chute with a heavy steel 3d part door, and fabricated a "striper" that I mounted to the frame, between the hitch plate and the mower frame. Have had for about 2 months now, and it operates on my small front yard, and larger back yard with lots of trees, exceptionally well. Also use it to mow daughters much larger lawn.

Fort Wayne, IN


Best Mower I've Ever Owned


What makes this outstanding mower even better is the most incredible customer service I have EVER received from any dealer of any kind - and I'm talking about Anderson Tractor in Carthage, Texas. I live in Western Louisiana and purchased my mower from them - bypassing my Gravely dealer who is 10 minutes away - because of their unbelievable customer service. If you are contemplating buying a great mower, please try these people - even if you do not live in East Texas. They will deliver it to your door - at a better price than what your local dealer would charge you for the exact mower. I have never witnessed the kind of service and care I've received from this company. Unheard of today. Anyway, I've had Dixie Chopper, Toro & Husqvarna - none of them are near the quality of my Gravely. Thank you Gravely and an even bigger thank you to Anderson Tractor in Carthage, Texas - Mr. Anderson, Melissa and ALL of their employees! You people are the BEST!

Haughton, Louisiana


I doubt I would.


Took 2hrs to change break in oil and filter.There is nothing consumer friendly about the design of this model mower.Its almost as if someone who never saw a mower designed it.



ZT XL 42"


Love my Gravely. Great performance, cut my time in half. So easy to use a CAVEMAN could do it!!!! Able to get it through my front fence with ease. Excellent fuel capacity. Had 3/4 of a tank and still had just under a quarter to spare at the end. Thanks Gravely for an awesome machine!!!!

Portsmouth, VA


Gravely ZT XL 42 Zero Turn Mower

4.8 47


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