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Zero-Turn / Pro-Turn® 200
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Pro-Turn® 200


​Smart design and durability are packed into the Pro-Turn 200. Nimble and comfortable, the 200 delivers performance season after season. 

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X-Factor II Deck

X-Factor® II Deck

The 7-gauge, X-Factor® II Deck is fabricated from top to bottom, providing industrial-strength peace of mind that's reinforced with an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

Seating System

A full-suspension seat provides added lateral stability and improved durability with vibration control for all-day comfort.

Steel Chassis

A heavy-duty, 1.5-inch x 3-inch steel, singular tubular frame is fabricated with four engine frame isolation points to reduce cockpit vibration by 45% while lessening operator fatigue.
ModelDeck SizeEngine ManufacturerEngine RatingDrive SystemFuel CapactiyGround SpeedAcres/HRCARB Compliant Model
99229660"Yamaha® MX825V27.5 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)--
99227072"Kawasaki® FX921V31 HP/999 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)9.5-
99227260"KOHLER ® ECV 860 EFI29 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99228160"Yamaha® MX775V EFI29 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9992292
99226960"Kawasaki® FX850V27 HP/852 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99226760"KOHLER® ZT74025 HP/747 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99229452"Yamaha® MX775V EFI29 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)6.8992291
99226852"Kawasaki® FX850V27 HP/852 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)6.8-



I have a turn pro 266 first the muffler guard fell off started to put it back on and found out the four bolts the goes up thru the frame that hold's the motor on three are gone and the one left is about 2/3 out. I take it to the shop and three are stripped out they had to order a bottom plate for the motor 27 h.p. engine plus a new drain hoes with part's and labor $ 670.00. My concerns I have Home Stead in Cleveland Tennessee service the mower ever winter how was this missed and would I have been hurt if the only remaining bolt had came out

Dayton Tennessee


best mower out there for the price


the only con is I have to adjust the deck ever month and I'm at 900 hr and I'm burning oil on the kawasaki 850 fx motor. but can't blame gravely for the motor. the machine is great, really well made. I'm in my 3rd mow season with it now. lets hope it keeps going strong. I also run the bagging system on it.

Westport MA


Awesome Machine


Exceeds my expectations. Great mower



strong machine


I have been using the mower for 2 months now and I am very impressed with the power and cut quality. I have cut my mowing time in half. The only problem is the build-up of grass under the deck. I have to scrape it out every time I mow or it get so thick the blades drag on it. I am sure this is a problem with all mowers.

Abilene, Texas




I purchased a bagger with the mower and I feel it drags down the performance of the mower so I took it off. Having a hard time selling the bagger seems very few people use them.

Red hook NY 12571


Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Zero Turn Mower (Model 272)

4.3 10


I Would Not Recommend This To ANYONE!


Bought a brand new Pro Turn 260 fall of 2017. With only having less than 50 hours on it right now and use it for my landscaping business, it breaks down a lot and blows fuses constantly. Took it to the dealer where I bought it and they said it was a loose ground and I should be good to go. Needless to say, many fuses later as they keep blowing as its my main mower and cant have it in the shop all the time,so I just keep replacing the fuse. Now I will bring it to another Gravely dealer to see if they can figure it out. For the money I paid for this and bought a commercial mower this thing should be a lot better quality especially still so new! I'm glad I just went and bought a Ferris last month to use as my main mower now and will have to use the 9,000 dollar paper weight Pro Turn 260 as a back up.

Syracuse, NY


Wish I'd bought it years ago like my son did for his yard.


Deck stays clean underneath. Easy to use leaf blower to clean top. Changed engine oil and hydraulic myself per schedule; straightforward. Seat is a miracle; it's so comfortable. The padded control arms prevent hand and wrist aches. Compact size fits behind the car in the garage. Dealer in Hockessin, DE, gave very good instructions including how to gauge and set belt tightness, reading the timer, recommended fuel additives, cutting speeds for best results, seat adjustments, and steering suggestions. Very pleasant purchase experience. Manuals for mower and engine are clear and well illustrated. Draining the hydraulic systems was even easier than the manual indicated. There were clear instructions for refilling then purging the systems.

Fair Hill, MD


great mower


heck of a mower!! I mow the football field & practice field 2x a week & they look great!

west monroe, LA


Great Machine


Bought this to replace a Gravely Pro-master 260 that I had had for several hours and was dew a upgrade. I was going to get another Pro-master and I started checking revies and info on the Pro-turn, I was worried about the hydro gear tranny's vs the seperate pump and wheel motor, but after a few lawns I was well satisfied, the hydro gear is alot smoother plus less maintenance. I would recommend a Pr-turn to any one. From a very satisfied Gravely customer, also you can not beat my local dealer!!!! Greensboro Nc,



Great mower


I love this mower. I mow 9 acres of very rough ground in about 3 hours. I tested them all at length and this was by far the best value hands down.

springfield ohio


Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Zero Turn Mower (Model 260)

4.6 20




Large gas tanks.smooth ride.built to last.

Fairmont North Carolina


I shopped around so you don't have to


Overall I looked low and high and Gravely for the money is the best I could find. Solid build construcrion , nice comfort (I'm 6'4 260 lbs and I love the room). I purchase the proturn 252 with the Kawasaki (FX 730v) motor and it had plenty of power for the machine. Overall happy with the purchase. Inwoild rate it five stars but nothing is perfect. I would love the trailer hitch and canopy for the unit..... Hint hint hint ..... Lol. If you are shoping around just stop and work a deal with your local gravely dealer.

Aubrey, Tx


more features


I have been running gravely mowers for many years and LOVE the performance and QUALITY built in the machines. My 250Z mower is still running strong with only changing my main drive belt in 6 years. (It has 1100 hrs and still going strong with a KAWASAKI ENGINE) Now thats QUALITY BUILT. Never had to bring the mower back to the shop for any type of factory repair not to say it will not happen because we are all human and we do make mistakes. Now i have a pro turn 252Z and its a mowing beast. I have cut commercial and now i have retired, so i bought another brand new mower that will last me till the end of my time.



No fuel gauge


I just bought a ProTurn 252 mower - I am amazed and disappointed that this unit does not have a fuel gauge. Pretty disappointing for a homeowner. For as much money as I just spent, it would have been nice if there was a fuel gauge. I have had Gravely equipment for 35 years and this is truly a disappointment. After speaking with Ariens technical support, I learned that there appears to be no after market option for a fuel gauge.



Great Mower


I own a Pro Turn 252 and i run my Lawn Care business with it here in Sunny South Carolina. I have owned Scag mowers in the past for almost 8 years (and would never have bought anything else) and stopped by my local Gravely dealer about a year ago and bought my new pro turn 252 with the 26 HP Kawi. I love this machine !!! This mower is super comfortable, quick, and cuts anything in its path with ease. My local dealer here in upstate SC has been awesome as well. Im glad to be part of the Gravely family and i plan on buying another mower to add to my fleet this summer. I think im going to look into the new pro turn 400 !!!! Anyone out there looking for a great quality machine ????? You better get to your local Gravely dealer and try one out today for will not be disappointed

anderso, sc


Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Zero Turn Mower (Model 252)

4.7 11


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