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10 Facts You Need to Know About the Gravely AXIS®

With the Gravely AXIS recently being announced at the AriensCo Dealer Summit event near Phoenix, Arizona, we know there are questions you need answered. Instead of searching for all the answers, we’ve got everything you need to know about our new line of compact utility loaders (CULs) in this one blog article. Think of it as your AXIS Cliff Notes.

So, without any more delay, below are the top 10 things you need to know about the new Gravely AXIS:

1. Model Types

There are three models in the Gravely AXIS line up:
  • 200DT – 9-inch-wide track-driven
  • 200DW – Wheel-driven
  • 200DTN – 7-inch-wide narrow track-driven

2. Attachments

There are five available attachments through Gravely*:
  • Standard 36" bucket
  • Standard 42" bucket 
  • Heavy Duty 36" bucket 
  • Heavy Duty 42" bucket
  • Heavy Duty Pallet forks
* Various other attachments are available through third-party vendors.

3. Hydraulics

These models have two auxiliary hydraulic ports for attachments. This feature helps when you have an attachment with a motor, like a power brush.

4. Engine Type

The AXIS uses a 25-horsepower Kubota D1105 engine.

5. Lift Capacity

The lift capacity varies between the available models, so let’s break it down a bit.
  • 200DT – Lift Capacity of 489lbs
  • 200DW – Lift capacity of 631lbs
  • 200DTN – Lift capacity of 497lbs

6. Lift Arm Function

Lift capacity is a great transition into the next thing you need to know - how high the dual-lift arms can raise. As with the lift capacity, it varies depending on the model. The wheel-driven model can raise to 45 inches, while the track-driven model raises to 46 inches.

7. Bucket Function

Gravely has the advantage in the CUL market when it comes to the self-leveling bucket design as each AXIS model has this feature, which is common in a standard full-size skid steer, but a rare benefit to see in the industry.

8. Stand-On Advantage

Since these are stand-on units, this means they’re a safer option that you can easily get off if need be. Not to mention, because you’ll be standing while operating, your body will thank you. The AXIS is much easier on your body than a full-sized skid steer is after a day on a jobsite.

9. Easy-Access Maintenance 

Typically, CULs are hard to work on, have tough-to-reach important areas, require random tools and are time consuming…we’ve all been there. The AXIS, on the other hand, has easy-open access to all maintenance areas of the machine. The loader was created this way because we realize one of the most frustrating aspects of machinery can be maintenance.

10. Availability

The Gravely AXIS will be available at multiple dealerships throughout the U.S. this spring. Check our website to see if the AXIS is available near you.

Want more information on the Gravely AXIS? Check out what AriensCo Chairman and CEO, Dan Ariens had to say as he shares the AXIS origin story.


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