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How to Prolong Battery Life in Winter

As you say “I’ll see you soon” to mowing season and winterize your equipment, one piece of the puzzle that some overlook is taking care of the battery. This is a key step in making sure that your mower’s ready for action this coming spring. That’s why we’re here to help because if your mower sits through winter without being ran, the battery life will drain before spring mowing season begins. Basically, cold temps and battery life don’t mix.

To solve that issue, there’s two solutions we suggest:

1. Remove the Battery

One simple solution to make sure your mower battery is ready for the next lawn season is to remove the battery, but removing it alone isn’t going to cut it. We also suggest you store the battery indoors to keep it from losing charge or dying due to cold temperatures.

Now placing indoors won’t completely keep the battery from losing life but will significantly help slow down the process.

Prior to installing the battery back on your mower in the spring, it’s best to connect it to a battery charger until full charge is restored.

2. Use a Battery Maintainer

The second and easiest solution is to simply hook your mower battery up to a battery maintainer throughout the winter season. This way the battery will charge and stay charged until you’re ready to use it come spring.

Using a maintainer on a connected battery isn’t harmful to the mower and won’t overcharge the battery either. Once the battery is fully charged, the device will self-regulate to keep the battery at a steady charge until unplugged.

Both options are great ways to prolong the life of your battery and avoid the pain of trying to charge or replace a dead battery right before mowing season kicks off.

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