Zero-Turn / Pro-Turn® 400
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Pro-Turn® 400


The Pro-Turn 400 delivers. With a stronger frame, smarter controls and a smoother ride, the Pro-Turn 400 out-works, out-performs and outlasts the competition.

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Air-Ride Suspension Seat

The industry's first air-ride suspension system is enhanced with seat isolators to absorb large vertical impacts and designed with an oversized, pillow-top, extra-high-back seat for all-day comfort.

CBT System

Our exclusive Constant Belt Tension System (CBT) ensures that belt tension is maintained, keeping the blade tip speed and cutting results consistent.

EZ-Lift Deck System

The EZ-Lift Deck System takes 25% less effort to raise and lower the deck—plus, 19 cutting positions with .25-inch increments.
ModelDeck SizeEngine ManufacturerEngine RatingDrive SystemFuel CapactiyGround SpeedAcres/HRCARB Compliant Model
99228472"Yamaha® MX825V EFI33 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)9.5992290
99227672"Kawasaki® FX1000V35 HP/999 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)9.5-
99228360"Yamaha® MX825V EFI33 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9992288
99227560"Kawasaki® FX1000V35 HP/999 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99227460"Kawasaki® FX921V31 HP/999 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99227860"KOHLER® ECV 880 EFI33 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)7.9-
99228252"Yamaha® MX775V EFI29 HP/824 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)6.8992289
99227352"Kawasaki® FX850V27 HP/852 CCHydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Transaxles13.4 gal (50.72 L)13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)6.8-

Gravely 460 BEST mower I have ever OWNED!


I have owned Exmark and John Deere ZT Mowers and also have used Hustler's as well! NONE come close to the ride and comfort of the PT 460! NONE!



Grass packing up under mower deck requiring constant clean


Mower deck needs scraped and cleaned after each cut due to grass packing under mower deck. Will changing blade type help. Mower (ZT 34") 8yrs old. Mulching blades and baffle replacement necessary to alleviate this problem.

Coatesville, Pa 19320


New Gravely Fan


I've only had the 460 for about a month but it's an impressive machine. I have a side hill that I would not try to cut with anything else. Air-ride seat is better than my Heated/Cooled/Plush seat in my Ram 2500 Powerwagon! Only issue was the fuel line was kinked when I bought it and the dealer had to come to the house to replace those 2 lines. Other than that, great!

Mt Airy, MD


The Best


I can only say this Gravely is the BEST I have ever owned. The air ride makes mowing so easy and smooth. The deck height adjustment also is very smooth. I have owned it for almost a year and no problems at all

San Antonio, Tx

Love our 472 Gravely. Never have anything else!


Mow about 20 acres a week with it, knocks it out no problem.


Gravely Pro-Turn 400 Zero Turn Mower (Model 472)

4.6 17


Absolutely awsome mower


I bought my pro turn 460 in may of 15',I have put 3 seasons on it,just over 200 hrs,not one single issue out of the machine,Im not a landscaper,just use for my personal property,I mow 5-6 acres average twice a week,the dial adjustment for cutting height is very nice,the ride quality is awesome,and I get a lot of compliments on how well my yard looks.I would put this machine up against any other on the market,I actually just ordered a new 472 yesterday to save a little time,I will say they are not cheap,but you get what you pay for.

Delaware Ohio


Is there another mower??????


Couldn't ask for anything any better!

Newbern TN


New 2016 Proturn 460 efi


Review of the new 2016 Gravely 460 seat is the best deciding factor for purchase as it much better than previous models. new deck hanger design needs work....brackets stick up high and you trip over it. The deck bounces ALOT MORE than the previous years design. Even though the seat is better the vibration to your legs and knees are worse. So your back feels better but your legs and knees hurt more than previous years 460. FIX THE DECK HANGERS. The gas filler neck is a pinch point and the filler hole is way to small....takes forever to fill up the tanks. Cut quality is pretty good...but the results for me are better when the baffles are off and notched high lifts are installed. ..clipping dispersal is much better. The 33hp efi is acceptable for the 460 but still needs more power...but fuel savings are nice. avg about 1.2hr vs 2hr with 35hp kawasaki that backfires all the time. summary fix the deck hangers design and fix the fuel neck and you a have top notch mower.

pleasant lake, Mi

The Pro Turn 460 with Kohler EFI engine is just a beast!


This is my first zero turn unit, and from how well the Pro Turn 460 is built, will probably be my last. It is built like a tank, but rides like a Cadillac. The air ride seat, combined with the isolation mounts of the foot deck and seat deck make for one gentle ride. You really cannot feel the mower running AT ALL while seated and all but the most severe bumps in your yard will feel like riding on a cloud. The Kohler EFI engine is a pleasure to operate. Turn the key on, wait for the fuel pumps to stop priming, turn the key to crank and the motor starts right up. No need to worry whether or not should you choke or not, cause their aint one. And talk about fuel economy, I cut about 6 acres and use less than a single tank of gas, probably about 5 or 6 gallons. With the EFI youn dont have to worry about bogging the engine either, I have to bog mine down and there have been a couple of times my grass has gotten pretty tall (1 ft or better tall). I bought mine with the mulching kit and it will give you the finest looking cut you could want, with no clippings pile up anywhere. I have run in to only a couple of items I would like to see improvements on. The mechanized lift needs to be a standard feature on a mower of this caliber and price. It needs some type of tool / storage box, I like to keep a pair of pruning shears with me and my old JD had a tool box built in to the fender. The standard turf tires do not have enough tread on them for my opinion. If you get even the slightest amount of mud in the tread, the tire becomes a racing slick, and with the weight of this unit you quickly become stuck. Overall though, I LOVE MY Gravely!

Monroe LA


I like the overall Features and confort.


I can mows my 6 acres in about 2.5 Hrs. with my new Pro-Turn 400. The deck is heavy gauge steel and the mower is well built. I did have the retention spring pop off the hydraulic drive belt after 25 hrs of running. The dealer came out and installed a new one two days later. The air ride seat saves my lower back from the rough ground. The weight of the mower can cause the mower deck to scallop the lawn when you turn at to high of speed. If the ground is moist at all the rear tires will rip out the grass when you make a tight turn. I believe the weight of the mower contributes to this issue. This is the second Gravely zero turn I have owned. The first was a 260Z. Its a good mower so far.

Kansas City, Mo


Gravely Pro-Turn 400 Zero Turn Mower (Model 460)

4.7 20


Gravely 460 is a beast!


Been in business since the early 1990s, used every major zero turn...Exmark, Toro, Grasshopper, Hustler, and Scag etc. I have a 2013 460 that has been more durable than any mower I have ever owned, just picked up a 2016 460, cut 15 yards today, All I can say is that Gravely just took mowing to the next level. .....Beast. ....COMFORTABLE. ...FAST! I can't wait until I go to work tomorrow. .....33hp Kohler efi fuel saver. .....THANK YOU GRAVELY!

Mcdonough. Georgia


472 diesel


I am the Grounds Foreman for the Arlington I.S.D. I use 2 of the 472 diesels to mow my softball and baseball fields. I have been very happy with the way these mowers cut. We used to buy the Kubota z turn diesels. These are a lot cheaper and do an awesome job. . Overall I would pick a Gravely over any of the competition. We plan on buying 2 more next year.

Arlington Tx


Great Machine!


I use to own Scag until I mowed with a Gravely 460. Amazing cut! Love the performance of the 5400 integrated pumps. It's easy to service, and handles the slopes well. Scag needs to go back to the drawing board, they are over engineered BIG TIME!



Very poor machine


i have had Gravely machines for the last 15yrs and was always satisfied until i bought this one in May. Had it in the shop at just over a 100hrs for some reason it chewed up the deck belt. In the shop again at 150hrs for broken welds on the frame rails now it needs a ball plunger screw for the dial a cut. The dealer loaned me a new scag cheetah while the gravely was out of service and that machine is ten times better. Had so many compliments on the quality of cut that it left. Sorry Gravely but you dropped the ball on this one,will be going with Scag in the near future.

Augusta Co Va.


My New Gravely 452....WOW !


I have owned many brands of commercial mowers (scag, toro, john deere, etc) and ive been running a commercial business for almost 10 years. About 3 years ago I bought my first Gravely and ive never looked at any other brand since and will not. Gravely has provided me with top quality, very dependable machines that run all day with no problems at all. The first Gravely I bought was a Pro Turn 252 and we still run that machine today. She has almost 1000 hours on her and ive never even had to replace a belt on that machine....nothing but normal oil changes etc and she cuts and runs like new ! My new purchase was a 452 about 3 months ago. The 400 series is the most comfortable machines you will ever find. Very happy with it and happy with the Kohler EFI 29 HP engine as well. Im saving gas and I can see a big difference in fuel consumption. I now run my business with nothing but Gravely mowers. 3 commercial Zero turns running everyday all day long cutting everything from apartment complexes to high end residential homes and estates and everything in between. Before you make your next purchase of any brand of commercial mower, you better get to your local Gravely dealer and demo a Gravely today !! You will be glad you did. I put my word on it !

Anderson, SC


Gravely Pro-Turn 400 Zero Turn Mower (Model 452)

4.7 12


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