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5 Steps to Find the Perfect Mower

As you may already know, there are many different types of mowers in today’s lawn care world. We have zero-turns mowers, stand-on mowers, walk-behinds, electric, not to mention various deck sizes. This can make the purchasing process a bit of a challenge when it should be a stress-free process.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with our Help Me Choose feature to narrow down the search based on your preferences.

Below we broke down our five mowing factors that the Help Me Choose feature walks you through to find the perfect mower for your needs.
1. Home or Landscaping

The first component to keep in mind when choosing a mower is to identify if you’re a homeowner or a landscaper. Are you using this piece of equipment for personal use or for your business? This can be a key piece in which mower you choose because it’s the deciding factor between a residential or a commercial unit.

2. Acreage
If you chose homeowner, the next consideration to investigate is how many acres of land you’ll be mowing. We’ve broken it down into four basic acreage sizes, less than 1 acre, 1 to 3 acres, 3 to 5 acres, and 5 or more acres. This helps you to understand the best mower and deck size for your situation.
3. Mowing Position

After that, you’ll need to choose the mower type you want; a stand-on mower, walk- behind mower, or a sit-on mower. A few aspects that may help you choose would be the amount of time you typically spend mowing each week, the comfort level wanted, and the physical aspect each mower brings. 

4. Storage Space
The fourth factor to consider is how much space you have to house the mower. This is huge because you’d hate to get a mower that doesn’t fit in the area you plan to store it in. To keep things simple, you’ll need to measure the area where you plan to keep your mower and then take a look at the various deck size options.
5. Gasoline or Electric

Lastly, once you have the four factors above decided, it all comes down to which engine type you prefer. Do you want a gas engine or an electric engine? If you have no preference, you can always look at both options.

To give you the cliff notes version, here are the five factors to consider when choosing a mower.
  • Home or Landscaping
  • For home use, calculate the acreage you’ll be mowing.
  • Preferred Driving Position
  • Storage Space
  • Gasoline or Electric
The process of purchasing any piece of equipment can be a lot, but we want it to be a situation you walk away from feeling stress-free, excited, and proud to show your Gravely stripes.

Check out our Help Me Choose feature to assist in your next Gravely purchase.